1. Our products are project works for the company.
  2. We execute the project works on turn key basis.
  3. No free*** services. Company has no time for such activities.
  4. We provide services only to our customers.
  5. Even with the customers – No intellectual brain storming discussions about the technology fields are entertained by the company. Ours is purely service industry.
  6. For free information you are requested to visit nearest Government Veterinary/Agricultural University Department of Extension, Department of Animal Husbandry, KVK , Local Veterinary Hospital, NRC, NAIP, ICAR etc.,
  7. Please read –PCSC doc. – Project Consultancy Service Contract document of the company for obtaining our services.


  1. Visiting of running sheep farm is compulsory/mandatory for you to take up
    this business.
  2. Your first spending on taking up this business will be the visiting charge.
  3. First visit the running farm. After seeing the running farm with your own eyes - if you think and believe that - you can just replicate/Xerox the practicable and replaceable technology practiced by the farmers, then you
    decide to take up the project.
  4. Until then please do not waste your time and our time.
  5. Enquiry / Prospect / New Customer should visit M  M Group's Indian Farms at Chand Khan Guda Village.
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