Ducks All of the ducks of world comes from wild bird. Those wild bird wonder around our country once upon a time. They like other Asian wild birds wonder around water and forest of here. This wild birds are from mallard species. Incidentally, all hen of the world comes from red wild hen, which scientific name is garaus banbinda. Everyone knows that duck is an aquatic organism. Duck without water and pond without fish are same. No, its wrong. You can not imagine water without water, but duck can be raised without water. Thousands of ducks can be observed without water. And it will keep in house like chicken. Keep in mind that in this system the ducks will lays unfertilized egg. No baby ducks come from this egg. If you want fertilize egg, male ducks and water is essential. As ducks can raised easily without water. Ducks need water only for reproduction or mating.

Peculiarity of Ducks The ducks covered with oily feather so that water can't touch its body easily. It has a layer of fat under its skin which helps it not to get wet. For this reason if the ducks spend a couple of hours in water its body does not get wet. Another peculiarity of duck is its leg. Three fingers of its leg is covered with thin skin, which is called 'web'. It works as a paddle of boat. Finger ends in nail. Some species of ducks use this nail for defense. Lip of the ducks are red or orange colored and very strong. They can eat moss, insects, fish egg, hard snail etc. with this lip. They send all to the stomach which they found between their lip. It also used to defend to enemies. Hen lays egg all over the day. But ducks lays in night to 9 am. For this reason, farmers don't release them before 9 am. If you observe ducks very closely, you will find that they are very clever and intelligent. You can spent time easily by watching their activities.

Duck's Food Ducks eat almost all types of food they find. They can be feed like chicken. Some extra thing should added in ducks food. As some ducks lays more eggs than hen, so it is now keeping in a scientific way, and nutritious food should given according to scientist advice. For a formal farming it can be feed rich dust, household garbage and a plenty of snail. Keep in mind that, ducks eat a lot. So, they should feed well if you want proper egg and meat production.

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